performance data output added

check_apcupsd 1.3

plugin to monitor APC Smart-UPSes using apcupsd with performance data output. Using pnp4nagios there is the need to get performance data. So I added some output for the performance data to the script.
It works fine but further improvement is welcome.


./check_apcupsd [-c critical_value] [-h hostname] [-p port]
-n < bcharge|itemp|loadpct|timeleft > [-w warning_value]


Flag Description
-c Critical Threshold
-h Hostname from target host (default: localhost)
-p Target Port (default: 3551)
Various Checks:
bcharge battery charge, measured in percent.
itemp internal temperature, measured in degree Celcius.
loadpct load percent, measured in percent (do'h!).
timeleft time left with current battery charge and load,measured in minutes.
-w Warning Threshold