VMWare Data Recovery


A nagios plugin to monitor a VMWare datarecovery instance


check_vmware_datarecovery.sh [(user)@](host) [-v] [-f (logfile)] [-d (date)] (Script 1)[,...]
[(user)@](host)      is the network address of the appliance (and a username to login)
-v                   verbose mode
-d (date)            specify date to check run on (for debugging).
-f (logfile)         Path to logfile containing Data Recovery messages 
                     (default: /var/log/messages)
(Script 1),...       Check that these scripts have been running.

Remotely executes the real check script (which is written in python) via SSH.

Checks for each encountered script that it has been finished successfully at least once. An encountered script might be one specified at the command line or one found in the logfile. You must specify at least one script (Verify might be a candidate) on the command line to make sure the service is running.


  • CRITICAL if some scripts did not finish successfully.
  • OK otherwise.


Moritz Bechler (mbechler@eenterphace.org) for Schmieder IT Solutions (http://www.schmieder.de)