Thecus NAS Health


A plugin to monitor a THECUS NAS applicance

Results:   CRITICAL if

   - web interface cannot be accessed,

   - drives have errors

   - services are running which should not, or not running if they should

   - fan is running at too slow, fast ( 2000 rpm, TODO: make configurable)

  WARNING if the CPU load is over 80%

  OK otherwise.


 ./ [--user < user > ] [--password < password > ] [--running < Service1,Service2,... > ]  [--stopped < Service1,Service2,... >] < host > 


Flag Description
< host > is the network address of the appliance
--user specifies the username for authentication (default: admin)
--password specifies the password for authentication (default: admin)
--running specifies a list of service names which should be running
--stopped specifies a list of service names which should not be running

WARNING: As the applicance provides no real monitoring interface this plugin has to rely on parsing the data out of the web-interface. That might cause errors when using different firmware versions or even languages.