Siebel CRM monitoring for all platforms

Plugin is written in Java and therefore OS independent.

Independent from Siebel standard language.


1) Check status of Siebel components.

2) Check status of tasks of Siebel components.

3) Check minimum and maximum level of running tasks.

4) Check timeout for tasks.

5) Check Application server via status or port check.

6) Check Gateway availability via port check.

7) Check enterprise logfile.

8) Optional summary of tasks or components in one Nagios service.

Additional features:

  • Automated restart of crashed Siebel components.
  • Automated prefill of ini file with recommended values.
  • Automated creation of all Nagios services.
  • Automated parameter compare of two Siebel environments with data export.
  • Automated export of all Siebel parameter into csv or txt file.
  • Everything highly configurable via ini file.

This is full Siebel monitoring.

If you have questions or problems, just write an email.


A time limited demo version is ready for download:

Requires Servermanager (Windows or Linux), NSCA for Nagios and SUN JRE.

Full version is completly OS independent and works with every JRE 1.5 (or higher).