SMS Notify


SMS Notify - Clockwork

Send SMS notifications from Nagios.

Uses the Nagios pager configuration to send SMS through the Clockwork SMS Gateway.

Example commands:

define command {

    command_name notify-by-sms

    command_line $USER1$/ -k API_KEY -t $CONTACTPAGER$ -f Nagios -m "Service: $SERVICEDESC$ Host: $HOSTNAME$ Address: $HOSTADDRESS$ State: $SERVICESTATE$ Info: $SERVICEOUTPUT$ Date: $LONGDATETIME$"

define command {

    command_name host-notify-by-sms

    command_line $USER1$/ -k API_KEY -t $CONTACTPAGER$ -f Nagios -m "Host $HOSTNAME$ is $HOSTSTATE$ Info: $HOSTOUTPUT$ Time: $LONGDATETIME$"


To use this script you will need a Clockwork account available from


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