SCOM to Nagios

SCOM to Icinga / Nagios

This is a Powershell script to use as a notification method on your SCOM server, which will send SCOM alerts into Icinga/Nagios via NRDP.

SCOM alerts are pattern-matched according to criteria, and mapped to Icinga/Nagios service names, which need to already be defined on the Nagios server.

Current problems:

  • If the alert descirption contains quote characters then it is truncated.
  • As it starts a powershell script, it is a bit resource hungry. Dont use this if you expect many alerts every second.
  • You need to have the Nagios services already defined; the mapping logic may generate a nonexistant service name by default
  • If you map too many SCOM alerts to the same nagios service, you can end up concealing problems as an 'error' status gets overlaid with an 'ok' for a previous problems closure.