Notification Manager (NoMa)

NoMA is a highly extensible Notification Manager for Icinga/Nagios. With NoMa you can simply manage notifications (hosts, services, check status) and contacts (timezone, working hours, holidays).

By writing plugin scripts, NoMa can be easily extended, so notifications of any kind can be integrated quite fast. NoMa supports several authentication methods (native, http, ldap). Via the web frontend you can keep track of notifications by using the integrated log viewer.

  • [2008-01-16 16:27] added contactgroups
  • [2008-01-23 11:58] added contact escalation, added plugins for sending via SMS and voice mail
  • [2008-01-28 16:07] fixed some minor bugs, added host and service previews to notification manager
  • [2008-02-08 11:00] fixed minor bugs, added scrolling to previews, SWITCHED ACTIVATION BUTTONS, added sorting to log viewer