Nagios Email Reporter

Nagios Email Reporter

This was written to accomplish a task for the company I am working for.

We use Lotus Notes 6 for Email, and the CSS code needed to be modified.

This is supplied as-is, so some knoweledge of Perl may be required.

There are some values in the script such as the SMTP server and Nagios URL that need to be edited before it will run properly.

The reports are defined as:

  • Overnight; from 17h the previous WORKING day to 9am of the current day
  • Daily; from 7am of the previous WORKING day to 7am of the current day
  • Weekly; from 9am 7 days before to 9am of the current day.
  • Monthly; from 00:00h of the 1st of the month to 00:00h of the 1st day of the current month

These values can easily be modified by changing the values in the perl script for each report.

All of these scripts are protected by the GNU GPLv2

This script requires Perl 5 and Bundle::LWP