This consists of an agent and a config tool. It is based on NTSyslog, but now includes an event filter, a test tool, and sends its alerts via NSCA using the GPL libmcrypt library. This is now wrapped up in a handy Windows install package that even gives you some default filter definitions. The package now includes a separate version for NT, so it should work under all versions of windows.


Now recompiled using VC++ 7.0, so shipped with new DLLs. Added new debugging options for tracking down filter problems. Please let us know if there are any required DLLs that have been omitted by accident (MSVC++ is not helpful enough to tell us which ones it requires)

  • Version 1.9.0 fixes problem with filters becoming invalid if you add a new eventlog.
  • Version 1.9.1 includes the MFC8 DLLS in case you dont have them already.

If you still cannot run the NagEvLog configuration utility, then install the VC++ Redistributable DLLs package

64 Bit

The 64bit package is BETA ONLY