NETWAYS Nagios Ampeln


A trafficlight reflects the current status of the Icinga.

You can also Buy a Trafficlights, they are available on NETWAYS Shop Site.

Synopsis: --url <url> [--user <user>] [--passwd <passwd>] [--hostgroup <hostgroup>] [--servicegroup <servicegroup>]


--urlurl to nagios
--usernagios user for the webinterface
--passwdpassword for the nagios user
--hostgroupnagios hostgroup
--servicegroupnagios servicegroup
--debugshow debugging
--forceignore current state of bulbs and force on/off (may cause flickering)

Usage: --url --user demo --passwd demo --hostgroup linux-server --servicegroup storage


Your Trafficlight will now blinking.


Requires clewarecontrol v0.8 from
PLEASE DO NOT USE Version 1.0 (it's too slow!)


Copyright (C) 2004, 2005 Gerd Mueller / Netways GmbH
Modified for USB traffic light by Birger Schmidt / Netways GmbH
Modified again by Davey Jones / Netways GmbH comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY

This program is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License
(check source code for details)