NC_Net has been developed as a drop in replacement for the program NS_Client.

NS_Client has been developed to get performance information from Windows Servers and return them to Nagios using the Check_nt client. In addition to the standard metrics, a generic COUNTER function is provided to return the value of any counter maintained by Windows.


NC_Net was implemented in C# and uses the Dot Net Framework 1.1.4322

It is intended to be run on Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2XXX Servers.

Some of the Framework References used:

System.Managment - Access to WMI for USEDDISKSPACE check. System.ServiceProces - Access to Services for adding itself, and for running SERVICESTATE checks. System.Diagnostics - Access to Perfomance Counters, Processes, and event Viewer. System.Configuration.Install - Access to installer Class for instalation as a service.

For Development of NC_Net make sure to add these references to your project prior to compilation.


Check CPU load on single or multiprocessors system during the last 24 hours. Check disk space Check memory use Check uptime time of the machine Check services states Check processes Check file age (not yet implemented) Can check any available performance counter
Can return a list of instances for a given performance object

For full usage and installation guide checkout the NC_Net Documentation