MultiURL Patch

This patch, currently against Nagios 3.2.1 (Icinga 1.0.2 already includes this patch), changes the parsing of action_url and notes_url by the CGI-bins. For example, if you specify

notes\_url       '/wiki?page=$HOSTNAME$'   '/stats?host=$HOSTNAME$&srv=$SERVICEDESC$'   /doc/$HOSTNAME$.html

for a service, you will get three icons with hyperlinks to the three URLs.

The icons referenced will be "1-notes.gif" for the link to /wiki, "2-notes.gif" for the /stats link, and the usual "notes.gif" for the link to /doc because it does not start with a single quote.

If you need to use "URLs" which themselves contain single quotes (see the PNP4Nagios docs for a real-world example), you will have to put them last and not start them with a single quote.

Known bug: The part of the Nagios CGI code dealing with _urls of host/service groups is structured in a different way, and has not* been patched accordingly.

Important note: There's a bug in Nagios 3.2.1 which may cause action_url / notes_url URLs to get truncated within a status.cgi page; the MultiURL patch makes this problem more visible than before. You may want to install my "Nagios 3.2.1 *_url Fix" as well. Upcoming versions of Nagios and Icinga will already include that fix.