CoffeeSaint is a fully customizable Nagios status viewer. It grabs the status from a Nagios server and displays it in a fullscreen GUI. It is written in Java so it should run on all platforms (tested on Linux, AIX 6.1 and windows xp) capable of running Java 5. For compiling with GCJ you need at least version 4.4.5 of GCJ. It also runs fine with OpenJDK version 1.6.0 (and probably later). CoffeeSaint is compatible with Nagios version 1, 2, 3 and xi. It also works fine with Groundwork.

Main features

  • Can display an image on the background (this can be an URL so you can display webcam images as well)
  • Remotely configurable via built-in webserver
  • Handles all Nagios versions
  • Can retrieve remotely Nagios statuses (several methods)
  • Can play a sound if the status goes to error
  • Written in Java so should run on all systems (linux, microsoft windows, apple mac)
  • Font/font size/background color/number of rows displayed are configurable
  • Uses "least squares estimate" to predict error count
  • Can show the status of multiple Nagios servers in one screen
  • Sort-order fully configurable
  • Can run in fullscreen mode - can also span multiple screens
  • Can prioritize configurable hosts/services (using regular expression patterns)
  • Can filter hosts/services
  • Sparklines with performance data (plugin data as gathered by Nagios) and latency data
  • Can run standalone as well as a webbrowser applet

CoffeeSaint has been tested with a setup of 800 hosts and 5600 services.


CoffeeSaint-4.8.jar - can now set a minimum height per row so that if more than '--nrows' problems are to be displayed, the height of the rows is adjusted CoffeeSaint-4.7.jar - fixed a couple of bugs: command-line version did not work and escapes had problems

The source code of coffeesaint can be obtained from GitHub.

Example configuration file: bruin.conf. Use with: java -jar CoffeeSaint.jar --config bruin.conf You need to add your own Nagios server either via the web-interface, via the commandline or by editting this file.