Cisco AP Client number

Cisco Airespace AP Client number


This script gather information (via SNMP) from Cisco 4400 Series Wireless Controller about number of currently connected users to Access Point in question.

Usage IP_Address Community_String SNMP_Version AP_number Warning_lvl Critical_lvl

Or: -h   #for help -v   #for script version

More information:

  • SNMP version acceped is 1 or 2c (no version 3 support)
  • AP_number - you must identify your APs in SNMP database and assign numbers to them

Note 1: I'm a Perl begginer - so the script is a bit crude. Note 2: The script must be modified in order to work in your network - in particular the OIDs identifing your APs Note 3: For more information - vist the link above or use this one below: Note 4: Any feedback is welcome