Check QNAP Health


This plugin checks CPU / System / HDs of the most QNAP devices via SNMP. It's also an alternative to the simple check_snmp which isn't enough precise. Originally made for a QNAP TS-809, i could also successfully test it with a TS-419. It should works fine with all the QNAP "TS" series. Please give me your feedbacks if you've any problem.

IMPORTANT : It seems CPU Temp cannot be obtained on all QNAP or maybe thanks to an other OID. I could obtain it on the TS-809 but not on the TS-419 so i added it only for the 809. But if you really need and if it wotks on your QNAP, you can easily add it :). I made this plugin with Celsius support only, feel free to add Fahrenheit support if you need.


Usage : ./check\_qnap\ -H -v -C -w -c

-H ADDRESS - Hostname to query (default:
-v STRING -> SNMP version to use, only compatible with v1 and v2c (default: 1)
-C STRING - Community for the host SNMP agent (default: public)
-w INTEGER - Warning threshold in percentage (default: 0)
-c INTEGER - Critical threshold in percentage (default: 0)
-h  - Print this help
-V  - Print the Plugin version and warranty

Output example : "OK - CPU Temp : 20 Deg. / System Temp : 31 Deg. / HDs Temp : 33 33 34 33 32 31 31 32 Deg."