This NAGIOS-check-script checks a registry-value of the local computer.


check_reg_value.exe -p  -k  [-v  | -w  | -c  E]

-p REGISTRY-PATH       Registry-path of the key to check (ex. "HKEY\_LOCAL\_MACHINE/System/CurrentControlSet/Services/Browser")
-k REGISTRY-KEY-Name   Name of the Registry-key to check
-o OK-VALUE            Value of the key to achieve the check
-w WARN-VALUE          Value of the key to get a warning-state
-c CRIT-VALUE          Value of the key to get a critical-state
-m OK-MESSAGE          individual message for OK-states
-f FAIL-MESSAGE        individual message for WARNING- or CRITICAL-states


The delimiter for the Registry path declaration is "/". You have to use the standard value for VALUE variable (like for DWORD the hex value)


  • 16.02.2010: Version 0.5 uploaded -> correction of wrong exit-codes
  • 18.02.2010: Please put all numerical Parameters in apostrophes