Check SMART status modified


Check SMART status of ATA/SCSI disks, returning any usable metrics as perfdata. For usage information, run ./check_smart -h

It's a Kurt Yoder modified version of "check_smart" plugin for monitoring SCSI/SAS disks behind LSI MegaRAID controllers, also work with Dell controllers (PERC2/3/4/5/6).

This plugin does SMART monitoring both ATA and SCSI disks, has an easy usage syntax and automatically produces perfdata for all applicable metrics.

To use, download file and make it executable (Linux/Unix: chmod 755 check_smart). Run with ./check_smart -h to get usage information. Run with --debug flag to see exactly what it checks.

Usage: (--device=< SMART device > --interface=(ata|scsi)|-h|-v) [--debug]


Flag Description
--debug show debugging information
-d/--device a device to be SMART monitored, eg /dev/sda
-i/--interface ata, scsi, megaraid, depending upon the device's interface type
-n/--number where in the argument megaraid, it is the physical disk number within the MegaRAID controller
-h/--help this help
-v/--version Version number


require smartmontools >= 5.39 (for megaraid)