Check Mysql status


This plugin retrieves mysql informations with 'SHOW STATUS' command. Possibility to get values by check (Req/sec).


 ./check\_mysql\ -v  [-h ] [-u ] [-p ] [-n ] [-d ]

 -v, --variables STRING[^][:w[b]Value][:c[b]Value] [,STRING[^][w[b]:Value][c[b]:Value]] ...

Name of variables values to recover from the 'SHOW STATUS' command. Retrieves the value of the variable since the last check. Add the character '^' to get variable since the uptime.


-h, --host:port ADDRESS[:PORT] Hostname or IP Address to check (Default is
-u, --user STRING Connect using the indicated username (Default is nagios)
-p, --password STRING Password to use when connecting to database (Default is nagios)
-n, --RequestName STRING name of the request. WARNING : use this variable if you have different request on the same server !
-d, --Divisor INT To divide the values calculated since the last check (if check every 1 minute : divide by 60 to get values per second)


 ./ -v questions:w150:c200,com_select^,com_insert


questions => Number of requests sent to the server
WARNING after 150
CRITICAL after 200
com_select => Number of select since the uptime
com_insert => Number of insert since the last check

Révision 29/03/2010 check_mysql_status - 1.0 - 16/03/2010 Plugin allowing the monitoring MySql by means of the command 'SHOW STATUS' Update exit status to WARNING or CRITICAL ()

by Maxime GUYOT (