Check IO stats of one or all disks

This plugin checks IO stats of one (or all) disk. It can be used to send alerts when maximum hard drive IO/s or sectors read|write/s is reached


./ -d DEVICE -w tps,read,write -c tps,read,write | -h
-d DEVICE            DEVICE must be without /dev (ex: -d sda)
-w/c TPS,READ,WRITE  TPS means transfer per seconds (aka IO/s) READ and WRITE are in sectors per seconds


./ -d sda -w 200,100000,100000 -c 300,200000,200000

This plugin uses /sys filesystem for retrieving data. Average values are then calculated by keeping a history file.

In order to check all disks on your system, you can use (Please, review it to set path to correctly)