Check Cisco, Extreme and Juniper hardware

Check SNMP Environment


Checks by snmp v1, v2c or v3 environemental parameters such as fan, power supply, temperature

The script will make the following checks depending on host type. Either the threshold is directly set by the hardware manufacturer, or you must set them with an option.

This table shows what the script CAN check, depending on hardware version the sensors might not be there. The script will return "UNKNOWN" if no sensors can be found.

If no option is specified in this table, it means the script uses the threshold of the snmp table.


SNMP environmental Monitor for Nagios version 1.2
GPL Licence, (c)2006-2007 Patrick Proy

Usage: ./ [-v] -H  -C  [-2] | (-l login -x passwd [-X pass -L ,]) [-p ] -T (cisco|nokia|bc|iron|foundry) [-F ] [-c ] [-f] [-t ] [-V]
-v, --verbose
print extra debugging information 
-h, --help
print this help message
-H, --hostname=HOST
name or IP address of host to check
-C, --community=COMMUNITY NAME
community name for the host's SNMP agent (implies v1 protocol)
-2, --v2c
Use snmp v2c
-l, --login=LOGIN ; -x, --passwd=PASSWD
Login and auth password for snmpv3 authentication 
If no priv password exists, implies AuthNoPriv 
-X, --privpass=PASSWD
Priv password for snmpv3 (AuthPriv protocol)
-L, --protocols=, : Authentication protocol (md5|sha : default md5)
 : Priv protocole (des|aes : default des) 
-P, --port=PORT
SNMP port (Default 161)
-T, --type=cisco|nokia|bc|iron|foundry
Environemental check : 
cisco : voltage,temp,fan,power supply status
will try to check everything present
nokia : fan and power supply
bc : fans, power supply, voltage, disks
iron : fans, power supply, temp
foundry : power supply, temp
-F, --fan=
Minimum fan rpm value
-c, --celcius=
Maximum temp in degree celcius
-f, --perfparse
Perfparse compatible output
-t, --timeout=INTEGER
timeout for SNMP in seconds (Default: 5)
-V, --version
prints version number