$ ./ -h   

usage:  ./ [-h] -H -C

Version: 0.1

Released on: 2010/06/22

Nagios plugin for PRI/BRI calls on Cisco CCME gateways

This plugin collects PRI/BRI call statistics on CCME gateways to calculate an

average call per minute rate for:

        - inbound calls

        - outbound calls

        - total calls

It also monitors the availability of PRI/BRI interfaces

[-h]                  : Print this message

[-H]        : IP Address or Hostname

[-C]       : SNMP Community String  (default = "public")

[-d]                  : enable debug output



$ ./ -H -C public

PSTN Status: Serial0/0/0 is UP (30 B-channels), Serial0/0/1 is UP (30 B-channels): OK | calls_in=6.4 calls_out=5.6 calls_total=12