Basic NRPE_NT Plugins

Basic NRPE_NT Plugins

The plugins are DOS programs written in C/C++ The nrpe_nt service calls these plug-ins and they return the following status on exit with a status string for information printed to stdout.

The plug-ins available are:

  • cpuload_nrpe_nt.exe:

    monitors cpuload, it polls the cpu 20 times in a 5 second period and returns an average of the results

  • diskspace_nrpe_nt.exe:

    monitors disk load, you can specify the drive to monitor and the warning threshold in percent used and critical threshold in percent used.

  • eventlog_nrpe_nt.exe:

    monitors the event log, the first parameter specifies the number of minutes back from the current date to check to; a value of 7200 for example will check the event log for the last 5 days.

  • memload_nrpe_nt.exe:

    monitors memory usage, it simply returns the current physical and paged memory usage in percent

  • service_nrpe_nt.exe:

    monitors the status of services, simply provide it with a list of comma separated services and if any are down or in an unknown or waiting state an appropriate error and status is returned.