AIX Native Checks

AIX Native Plugins

Unfortunaly there are not that much check plugins for AIX. Further almost all of them use other programs to access performance data. Therefore I was inspired by Perfstat API Programming from IBM to change those issues.

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The Checks

I have implemented three checks:

  • check_lpar_cpu

  • check_disk_io

  • check_network_io

They are compiled as follow:

xlC -lperfstat -o check_lpar_cpu check_lpar_cpu.cpp

xlc -lperfstat -o check_network_io check_network_io.c

xlc -lperfstat -o check_disk\io check_disk_io.c


To use check_lpar_cpu properly, you have to enable one feature over HMC. This is shown in picture hmc_lpar_setting.png


If you compile the plugins on AIX Version 6100-06-04-1112 they will not work on AIX with lower versions.