Monitoring plugin for MikroTik devices for Icinga/Nagios/...

check_routeros - Monitoring MikroTik devices

This is a monitoring plugin for Icinga, Nagios and other compatible monitoring solutions to check MikroTik devices running RouterOS. It uses the API to fetch the required information.




If you want to use pip we recommend to use as virtualenv to install the dependencies.

pip install -r requirements.txt

Copy the script into your plugin directory.


Install the required packages

sudo apt-get install python3 python3-click python3-librouteros python3-nagiosplugin

Copy the script into your plugin directory.


To get the latest help just run the following command.

./ --help

To get help for a subcommand just extend the previous command with the subcommand. In the example below you will see how to get help for the subcommand.

./ --help


All commands require at least api and read permissions. The permissions documented in the table are additional permissions.

Subcommand Permissions Description
interface.gre - Check GRE interfaces/tunnels
interface.vrrp - Check the state of an VRRP interface
routing.bgp.peers - Check if connection to BGP peers is established
routing.ospf.neighbors - Check if ospf neigbhors are reachable
system.cpu - Check the cpu load - Check the fans
system.memory - Check system memory
system.license - Check the license level and deadline and renewal date
system.power - Check the overall power consumption if available
system.psu - Check the current, voltage and state of the power supply
system.temperature - Check the cpu, system, board and more temperatures.
system.uptime - Check the uptime test Run the ping command on the device