check libvirt


    install virsh on icinga/nagios host

    check the nagios user can connect to remote libvirt machine
     ex. sudo nagios virsh -c qemu+ssh://user@remote.libvirt.machine/system --readonly list

    If all looks good put the command into your icinga/nagios

    check_libvirt -H libvirt-host -m mode -u user <-t type -w warning -c critical>

    -H (libvirt host)
        The remote libvirt host
        !!! mandatory argument !!!

    -u (username)
        Username to connect to hypervisor
        !!! mandatory argument !!!

    -t (connection type)
        currently only qemu+ssh supported, this is default  
    -m (mode):
            check virtual machines status (running,paused etc...)
            returns WARNING when one ore more VM powerwed off or paused
            returns CRITICAL when one or more VM crashed

            check definied storage pools
            returns warning when inactive pool founded

            check all active pool usage
    -w (warning)
        Warning threshonld in percentage
        Default: 80%

    -c (critital)
        Critical threshold in percentage
        Default: 95%

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