This plugin provides general monitoring for Kubernetes deployments, daemonsets, replicationcontrollers, nodes, as well as Kubernetes components such as etcd, scheduler, and controller

Currently node, deployment, daemonset, replicationcontroller, and componentstatus checks are supported.

Some examples: Kubelet check on node1 - ./ -t node -c Ready -n default -o node1 Deployment check for deployment1 - ./ -t deployment -c Available -n default -o deployment1 Daemonset check for flannel - ./ -t daemonset -n kube-system -c status -o kube-flannel-ds-amd64 Component check for etcd-0 - ./ -t componentstatuses -n default -c status -o etcd-0

kubectl and jq are required for this plugin to work

IMPORTANT - the variable KUBECONFIG must be set correctly. For some reason kubectl doesn't find the .kube/config file when executed under Nagios

While this plugin will work with the admin config, it is highly recommended to create a read only user for Nagios