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  • Rudy1621

    I have same error as Eirik's. Can someone help me how to fix it?

  • Eirik

    When using this It seems like all data works. The script reports as expected but in Icinga2 its always reported as a warining. Manual command: /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/ -H -t voltage -w 14:25 -c 18:30 voltage: OK - 23.7V | voltage=23.7V But in Icinga2: Plugin Output voltage: WARN - 23.7V

  • shamimreza

    gives proper output but with an error; "Use of uninitialized value in string eq at line 180"

  • shamimreza

    how to check MIkrotik router with this Plugin in Icinga2 ??? Can you please help... !!!

  • bemworld

    Error fixed. New version is on github. Thanks.

  • karasu04

    i got error something like this : syntax error at ./ line 124, near "exit"

  • bemworld

    Right, the check needs Set::IntSpan, should've mentioned this in the ReadMe. You can get it on CPAN. On debian install libset-intspan-perl

  • ch3p

    The git clone doesn't work and manually downloading the pl causes error at line 5: Can't locate Set/