Check your DNS is in sync (general icinga/icinga2/nagios plugin)


Check your DNS is in sync by comparing the serials. This is a general icinga/icinga2/nagios/anyOtherNagiosFork plugin.

It is written in Shell (Bash).

Installation and requirements

  • bash (it may be compliant to zsh, too. but not sh!)
  • monitoring-plugins On debian-based systems you need the package nagios-plugins or the package monitoring-plugins


check_dnsserials -d DOMAIN [-H DNS-MASTER] [-S DNS-SLAVES] [ -s SOA-SERIAL] [-w FAILS] [-c FAILS] [ -h -v ]

DNS-MASTER: The master to get all main informations from
DNS-SLAVES: The slaves to compare with the master's serial
SOA-SERIAL: The serial number used to compare all DNS slaves (not recommended to set)
FAILS: The amount of DNS servers allowed having another serial (=> amount of dns servers not in sync) (defaults to 0)

If any of DNS-MASTER, DNS-SLAVES or SOA-SERIAL is unset, it'll get queried from the DNS system.

FAILS determines the amount of slaves, which are allowed out of sync.

Usecase: If you have 5 servers, and 2 are giving a wrong serial, the plugin will state warning if you specifiy -w 1. (vice-versa with -c)