Replacement Icinga/Nagios HTTP check - ẃith fixed return codes and NTLM support


This is replacement for original Nagios check_http check plugin. The original plugin contains some bugs and provides sometimes misleading error messages.


another-http-check [OPTIONS]
Application Options:
-H= Host ex.
-I= IPv4 address ex.
-u, --uri= URI to check (default: /)
-p= Port ex. 80 for HTTP 443 for HTTPS (default: 80)
-S, --tls Use HTTPS
-t, --timeout= Timeout (default: 30)
--auth-basic Use HTTP basis
--auth-ntlm Use NTLM auth
-a, --auth= provide password to authenticate. example user:password
-e, --expect= Expected HTTP code (default: 200)
-s, --string= Search for given string in response body
-C= Check SSL cert expiration
-k, --insecure Controls whether a client verifies the server's certificate chain and host name
-v, --verbose Verbose mode
--guess-auth Guess auth type (none, basic, NTLM). Generates two requests instead of one
-h, --help Show this help message

Build requirements

  • Docker
  • make

How to compile

  • make creates statically linked binary
  • make test runs tests
  • make runshell opens shell inside Docker container (vim setup for hacking included)
  • make rpm - creates RPM package


Apache 2