HPE MSL QuickStatus

Check HPE MSL QuickStatus


Check HPE MSL QuickStatus

Checks the HPE MSL QuickStatus for both health errors currently present and in the log that are not cleared.

Verified against HPE MSL 3040.

How it works

Uses selenium to browse the webpages of the HPE MSL as a user. It then retrieves the completed responses of the data it wants and parses those for the relevant data.


python3-selenium (Headless) Chrome / Chromium


apt-get install python3-selenium chromium chromium-driver python3-requests

Icinga2 Check Command definition

object CheckCommand "hpe_msl_health" {
    import "plugin-check-command"
    command = [ PluginDir + "/check_hpe_msl_quickstatus.py" ]
    timeout = 30s
    arguments += {
        "--host" = "$host.address$"
        "--ignoreCertificateErrors" = {
            set_if = "$msl_ignoreCertificateErrors$"
        "--password" = "$msl_password$"
        "--username" = "$msl_username$"
    vars.msl_ignoreCertificateErrors = false
    vars.msl_username = "user"