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Release check_pgactivity 2.6 latest

2022-07-08 - Version 2.6


  • add: new session_stats service to gather miscellaneous session statistics, Frédéric Yhuel
  • add: compatibility with PostgreSQL 14, Frédéric Yhuel
  • change: service autovacuum does not show max_workers anymore for 8.2 and below, Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais
  • change: various messages and code cleanup, Julian Vanden Broeck, Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais
  • fix: last_vacuum and last_analyse to reports the correct oldest maintenance, Frédéric Yhuel, Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais
  • fix: service check_oldest_idlexact now use state_change instead of xact_start to calculate the idle time, Thomas Reiss
  • fix: improve locking around the status file to avoid dead locks and status file truncation, Arnaud Aujou, Julien Rouhaud, Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais
  • fix: possible division by 0 in table_bloat service, Pavel Golub
  • fix: threshold check and support interval for service check_stat_snapshot_age, Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais
  • fix: service check_archiver when a .history or .backup file is staled, Thomas Reiss
  • fix: service sequences_exhausted now checks also sequences that are not owned by a table column, Thomas Reiss
  • fix: service check_archiver when no WAL was ever archived, Thomas Reiss

Many thanks to all contributors of this release for feedbacks, bug reports, patches and patch reviews, etc.


Release tarball
application/gzip 2022-07-08 Download from Github


application/x-compressed-tar 2022-07-08 Download from Github

Release check_pgactivity 2.5

2020-11-24 - Version 2.5


  • add: new oldest_xmin service
  • add: new extensions_versions service
  • add: new checksum_errors service
  • add: support for v13 and other improvements on replication_slots
  • add: v13 compatibility for service wal_files
  • add: various documentation details and examples
  • add: support service replication_slots on standby
  • add: accept single b or o as size unit
  • add: json and json_strict output formats
  • add: size and/or delta thresholds for database_size service
  • add: thresholds are now optional for service database_size
  • add: support for v12 and v13 archive_folder
  • regression: threshold repslot becomes spilled in service replication_slots
  • regression: in services latest_vacuum and latest_analyze: a critical alert is now raised on tables that were never analyzed/vacuumed or whose maintenance date was lost due to a crash
  • fix: avoid alerts for lack of maintenance on inactive db
  • fix: forbid rare cases of division by zero in wal_files
  • fix: do not alert on missing file in temp_files for v10+
  • fix: detect lack of maintenance in last_vacuum and last_analyze for never maintained tables
  • fix: backend count for v10+
  • fix: replace NaN with "U" for strict outputs
  • fix: do not count walsenders as part of max_connections
  • fix: broken archiver service with v10+
  • fix: perl warning when archiver is not active


Release tarball
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Release check_pgactivity 2.4

2019-01-30 - v2.4


  • add a new uptime service
  • add ability to filter by application_name in longest_query and oldest_idlexact service
  • add minimal delta size to pgdump_backup service to avoid alert when backup grows small in size
  • allow psql connections without providing connection arguments:
    rely on the binary default behaviour and environment variables
  • returns CRITICAL if connection fails for service connection, instead of UNKNOWN
  • add information on necessary privileges for all services
  • replication_slots service handle wal files and pg_replslots files separately
  • take account of the new BRIN summarize state of autovacuum
  • avoid warning for -dev versions in pga_version service
  • ignore startup and backup replication states in service streaming_delta
  • many fixes


Release tarball
application/gzip 2019-01-30 Download from Github


application/gzip 2019-01-30 Download from Github

application/zip 2019-01-30 Download from Github


application/x-rpm 2019-01-30 Download from Github
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