Icingaplugin - check_snmp_zpool

check_snmp_zpool Plugin for Icinga

You can "install" this plugin by placing it anywhere you want. If you use the nagios-plugins, the best place might be at /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/

Make sure the Plugin is executeable:

chmod +x check_snmp_zpool

Add to your snmpd.conf on the remotehost:

extend zfs_getdisk /scripts/

Add to /scripts/ or edit the path in your snmpd.conf

Possible CheckCommand

object CheckCommand "check_snmp_zpool" {

  import "plugin-check-command"
  command = ["/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/"]
  arguments = {
        "-H" = "$address$"
        "-c" = "$community$"


Possible Service

apply Service "snmpzpool" for (procs_name => config in host.vars.snmpzpool) {

  import "generic-service"
  display_name = "SNMP ZPOOL"
  check_command = "check_snmp_zpool"

  vars.sla = host.vars.sla

  vars += config
  vars.address = string(vars.address) = string(
  vars.alarm = string(vars.alarm)

  assign where match("*zpool*",

Possible Host = "zpool"

vars.snmpzpool["0"] = {

    address = ""
    community = ""
  alarm = "no"

I might edit the whole script to be dynamic later -> grep for a specific pool