Check Hyper-V Failover Cluster Storage

Plugin to check your Failover Cluster without installing any Scripts on your Windows Server. Make sure that you have NSclient++ installed and add this to nsclient.ini:

[/modules] CheckWMI=1

To test this plugin run from the Line and just add the Host:

./ -H

Default thresholds are 80% of warning and 90% for critical you can overrun them with -w 90 -c 95 arguments

Change default value for pluginlocation="/usr/lib64/nagios/plugins" wherever you have installed the nagios plugins.

This Plugin was tested with Icinga2 on CentOS7

Command definition in commands.conf:

object CheckCommand "check_cluster" { import "plugin-check-command" command = [ PluginDir + "/" ] arguments = { "-H" = "$address$" "-w" = "$cfs.warn$" "-c" = "$cfs.crit$" } }


apply Service "ClusterStorage" { import "generic-service" check_command = "check_cluster" assign where == "cluster" //vars.cfs.warn = "90" //optional //vars.cfs.crit = "95" }

Thats it. Since I am not a pro on programming, feel free to use this script and develop it.

If you have not named your clusterstorage like something with "Cluster" in it, you have to adjust the script. Otherwise it should work and tells. Only problem is, that you have rounded numbers for example, we have 10,8TB storage but plugin shows only 10TB for total storage. Well it's bash, and as I said, you can change if you want. Let me know your thoughts in comment section or send mail.


Made the Script a little bit smaller. Also made a better Output where it shows exactly how much Space you have for example: 10.82 TB