GoDaddy Domain Expiry Checker

Check the expiry date and autorenewal status with this Icinga/Nagios GoDaddy Domain Expiry Checker plugin!

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GoDaddy Domain Expiry Checker

Icinga/Nagios plugin, checks the domain expiry status using the GoDaddy API.

User configurable warning and critical levels

Installation and requirements

  • Golang 1.13.8


Requires GoDaddy API keys.

Usage of check_godaddy:
  -domain string
        domain to search
  -warn int
        days until warning (default 15)
  -crit int
        days until critical (default 7)
  -key string
        API Key
  -secret string
        API Secret
        enable logging


check_godaddy -domain -warn 30 -crit 14 -key 1234567890 -secret 123456


GoDaddy Domain Expiry Checker is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 3.


Release Notes
v1.06 Now handles internal server errors by returning 3 to the shell and outputting the error message from GoDaddy. Logging is also now optional. Disabled by default but enabled by the -v flag.
v1.05 Added NRPE PerfData output: expiry provides unix time for cert expiration and autorenew provides bool for auto-renewal status.
v1.00 Initial release.