Gehirn-Mag-Net Monitoring Plugins

Icinga, Nagios, ... monitoring plugins

This is a small collection of some monitoring plugins I wrote. This collection is regularly expanded so visit me again soon.

You could read more details in my personal blog on https://Gehirn-Mag.Net/ (German only). These plugins are tested with icinga2 but should also run on nagios, shinken and other monitoring systems which use nagios style plugins.



An extended memory checker for Linux using physical memory and swap togehter in one check. Included is a sample icinga2 config and a pnp4nagios template.

pnp check_extmem

LSI megaraid, Dell PERC, ...

A simple check for that RAID hba without its own check command.




A simple update checker for nextcloud. Creates CRITICAL alerts if a new update is available. This checker uses the same update mechanism as nextcloud itself. There is also a sample config for icinga2.