Check Memory Plugin for Cacti and Nagios

This script requires:

1) GNU "free" command on the target machine.

2) Change NAGCACTIUSER to match the username you use for Nagios/Cacti data collection.

3) ssh key set up from the Nagios/Cacti server to the desired user on the remote machine

4) If the user that connects to the remote machine is different from the

one that Nagios/Cacti run under, then you need something like this in sudoers:

cacti   ALL=NOPASSWD: /bin/su - *

In Nagios command.cfg:

**define command{

        command_name    check_lnx_mem_cacti_nagios

        command_line    $USER1$/ $HOSTADDRESS$ $ARG1$ $ARG2$ nagios


In Nagios services.cfg

**define service{

        use                             service_5_min      

        host_name                       remotehost1,remotehost2

        service_description             memory

        check_command                   check_lnx_mem_cacti_nagios!1600!1690

        max_check_attempts              7

        contact_groups                  admins


For Cacti, you will likely need to change the path in the Data Input Method to match what is used on your system.

Info on importing into Cacti:\_import.html