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A simple Hello World demo Module for Icinga Web 2.

Business Processes - Icinga Web 2 module

If you want to visualize and monitor hierarchical business processes based on any or all objects monitored by Icinga, the Icinga Web 2 business process module is the way to go.

Generic TTS - Icinga Web 2 module

Generic TTS implements Icinga Web 2's ticket hook for replacing ticket patterns with links to your trouble ticket system (TTS). Icinga Web 2's core module monitoring for example uses the ticket hook for

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PNP module for Icinga Web 2

General Information

PNP is an addon to Icinga which analyzes performance data provided by plugins and stores them automatically into RRD-databases.

Icinga Web 2 Nagvis Module


This module glues NagVis and Icinga Web 2 together. Both of them are required to be installed and configured:

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Icinga Web 2 Globe 3D Module

Globe 3D


  • Icinga Web 2 (>= 2.0.0)

OpsGenie module for icingaweb2

Gives the user the ability to go on call for their OpsGenie schedules directly from the icinga web interface.


  • One click to clock on an opsgenie schedule directly from the icinga web interface.

The Agent Installer module for icingaweb2

Make a complete Icinga2 agent package: client configuration, SSL keys and Windows .exe installer in a single click


This Icingaweb2 module adds a new host Graph Dashboard to the Icinga Web GUI that puts together the most important performance graphs on a single page. This allows for quick visual health checks of a host without the need to click through numerous pnp graphs. The selection and order of graphs to be shown are freely configurable via Web GUI. Each class of devices (servers, routers, ...) can have a it's own set of graphs that are inherited and may be overriden at any level.