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This plugin can be used to send SMS through poseidon sensor devices equipped with SOAP interface and SIM card.


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  • check plugin,
  • notification handler / sendSMS and
  • ACKnowledgement addon / CGI handler for the MultitechSMSFinder

perf2rrd is a utility written in Java that automates the extraction of performance data from monitoring plugins into round robin database files (.rrd's).

perf2rrd is designed to require very little configuration. Plugins must output perfdata according to the standard, but perf2rrd will do the rest as far as parsing that data, creating RRD files with an appropriate format, and keeping the rrd files up to date.

Performance data can be provided from Icinga via a single file or pipe, or from Icinga 2 from a multiple file spool directory.

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Simple heads-up-display summary for Icinga (and Nagios)

I had been using Nagios for a long time and had been happy with it, but really wanted a nicer, more modern UI. After a few stops along the way in my search, I ended up migrating to Icinga about a year ago. While the UI was much improved, I found it very difficult to add my own custom views (cronks, in Icinga parlance), and very cumbersome when I just wanted quick-and-dirty reports. I knew I wanted something a little different and so the idea started percolating for my "HUD" (heads-up display) concept.

I had already installed the Icinga Classic Web alongside their newer web UI, so that I could use aNag on my Android devices for remote monitoring. The Classic Web is much like the traditional Nagios UI, and includes a handy CGI interface for generating JSON output from customizable queries. Leveraging this interface, I was able to build by own alternative frontend, the HUD you see here.


Nagios plugins for integrating with samanage

The scripts have been developed and used on Debian GNU/Linux 6.x and 7.x, but should be adaptable to most Unix/Linux type platforms.

iLert extends Icinga and other monitoring tools with on-call-schedules, two-way voice, SMS, and push notification capabilities.


  • On-call Schedules: Manage your on-call duties and schedules in iLert and always alert the right person on-call.

Thruk is a multibackend monitoring webinterface which currently supports Nagios, Icinga and Shinken as backend using the Livestatus API. It is designed to be a 'dropin' replacement and covers the original features plus adds additional enhancements for


General Information

This is a Perl script which parses Icinga/Nagios status.dat and provides output in text console either services in Critical/Warning state or all services when --all option is passed. Output text can be parsed with grep or piped to another program.


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Adds dynamically based on the passed filters and templates hosts with checks into icinga 2


Run script

Icinga Configurator

Gui for generating Icinga 1.x configuration files and much more...

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