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Universal AP Status check


Universial AP status for Icinga2

Newest version uses historcal files to track Cisco AP's that dissasociate when they lose their heartbeat to the controller.

About: Check plugin for Nagios/Icinga2 to check the status of AP's by using SNMP OID's. This script doesn't have any OID's inorder to make it universal. Warning and critical levels are in percentages. So you'll get a warning if 10% of the AP's are down as an example.

Notes: Change line 26 to change where the AP-status tracker files are stored. These files keep track of Cisco AP's that may dissassociate for 20 days. Default is '/usr/share/ap-status/'. Currently it's /usr/share/ap-status/ .

Usage: -H [host] -C [community] -c [critical threshold] -w [warning threshold] -O [ap ip oid] -o [ap name oid]

Outputs 'Up', 'Down', and 'Total' perfdata.

Cisco 5508 example: -H -C public -O . -c 25 -o . -w 10

The output: icingaweb2

Latest release

Release v1.3

Added historical files to track and display Cisco AP's that disassociate.


Name Description Size Type Last Changed 6.64 kB text/x-perl Download

Release v1

A plugin for Icinga2 that uses multiple SNMP OIDs to get the status of a controller's AP's.


Name Description Size Type Last Changed 3.11 kB text/x-perl Download


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